Monday, March 26, 2007

Trying Out the Pullquotes

I have been wanting a new pullquote in the worse way, but I have been putting out fires all across the blogosphere, with no time for pullquote shopping!

...A pullquote is a nifty little item...

Well, it seems that tonight all fires have been extinguished. And surprise, surprise, I can actually make a change on my blog!

I have loved the blockquotes on Buttermilk Clouds ever since I started working with it. The lines are simple, elegant, and it sets off the text within the blockquote without distracting from the overall feel of the post. Tonight I started playing with the code to see if I could modify it enough to become a pullquote. The results are outstanding! (I get excited easily by the strangest things...when the code actually works the way I want, pullquotes, CSS...the list goes on.) So, here 'tis. As you can see, I made the font different, a bit larger, and centered.


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